High Tide (High Tide)

High Tide というと1969年リリースの1stの、ぐちゃっとなったヘビーなギターが印象的。 しかしながら翌年リリースのこの2ndのほうをよく聴いています。 あ、1stも好きよ。 でもまだ MT だったころのこのブログで罵倒したことがあって、大人げないよね俺様。 あれから何年経ったか忘れたけれど、ずいぶんに「聴く耳」が変わったもんだなぁって。

Eclectic Discs are pleased to announce the release of this classic album by the legendary Progressive / proto-Doom Metal outfit High Tide. In 1969, guitarist Tony Hill (ex-member of The Misunderstood, one of John Peel’s favourite bands of the 1960’s) united with violinist and keyboard player Simon House, bassist Peter Pavli and drummer Roger Hadden to form High Tide. In an age of flourishing creativity the band produced two albums of wonderfully powerful doom laden rock music. A deal with The Beatles’ Apple publishing led to them a contract with Liberty / United Artists for their highly underrated debut album, Sea Shanties, a stunning work that in hindsight is now regarded as being light years ahead of its time. Doyens of the Ladbroke Grove hippy scene, High Tide were part of the Clearwater Management stable that also included cohorts Hawkwind, Skin Alley and Cochise. 1970 saw the release of their second and final album High Tide, a more structured, although equally powerful affair. An intense gigging schedule saw the band run out of steam and by 1971 the group had ceased to exist. Simon House joined experimentalists the Third Ear Band (contributing to the soundtrack to Roman Polanski’s Macbeth) before joining Hawkwind in 1973. He later became a member of David Bowie’s band. Peter Pavli was to collaborate with science fantasy author Michael Moorcock in his band Deep Fix and also worked with Hawkwind’s Robert Calvert.

The Eclectic Discs reissue of High Tide includes bonus alternate versions of The Joke, Blankman Cries Again plus a different recording of The Great Universal Protection Racket and the previously unreleased Ice Age. Both expanded remastered CDs have playing times in excess of 70 minutes and include expansive booklets, including notes by Tony Hill, and slip cases.


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