Intergalactic Dub Rock (Jonah Dan)

ダブ再発、Captain Ganja に続いて UKブリストルのレーベル Bokeh Versions が繰り出したのが Jonah Dan の1995年リリース(Abba Christos Tafari よりCDとLP)であるこれ。

Sun Ra がどうこうと書かれたレビューがありますけれど、正直そんな雰囲気ではなく、イノセントと申しましょうかアイソレーションと申しましょうか、Intergalactic Dub Rock っていうくらいですので銀河感がえらいこと。 全編静謐な、しかし薄気味の悪いダブであります。 ダブ元ってなんなんだろう…

ちなみに私、Jonah Dan という人を初めて知りまして、ちょっと調べましたらパーカッショニストなんですね。 んで歌うしプロデュースもする、と。

First released in 1995 on Jonah’s own Aba Christos Tafari Records, Intergalactic Dub Rock is a trip. While the 90s rave continuum buried down the hole of cosmic sci-fi culture, dub’s fascination turned elsewhere after 80s touch-stones like Shaka’s Brimstone & Fire and Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol (re-issued by Bokeh last year). But Jonah takes things way far on this, his most adventurous outing: let your needle cruise along these bleeps and strings of 50s space travelling dreams, and the flutes and melodicas of planet earth, hear them clang with the hardest dub FX units the UK could buy at the time. It’s one of the most righteous and outward-looking steppas LPs, now liberated from the hands of Discogs-types with a previously CD-only bonus track, ‘White Nile’.

Inyotef, Bongoman, Jahman Dan, Kheru – Jonah Dan goes by many names and many trades – akete nyabinghi master, vocalist, producer and filmmaker. For many years he was the go-to studio percussionist for the UK dub scene, collaborating with basically everyone: Paul Fox, Jah Warrior, Robert Tribulation, Jah Fingers, Tony Roots, Alpha and Omega. Along with Bush Chemists (stars of BKV 020…) and Disciples, he toured the continent, spreading the message of UK dub and laying the seeds for a lot of the EU scene today. At some point his Aba Christos Tafari Records morphed into Inner Sanctuary, one of the greatest 90s labels still in operation, go check.

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